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The Arkansas Association for Play Therapy is a state branch of the Association for Play Therapy. Our members come from throughout the state and represent a variety of professions and disciplines, including counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, recreational therapists, nurses, and interns.

Our Purpose

To provide a forum for the discussion of play therapy ideas and concerns. Chartered in 2007, we are a non-profit organization with the following goals:

  1. Seek to advance the discipline of play therapy
  2. Conduct and foster programs of education in the field of play therapy
  3. Promote sound play therapy practices in the interest of society and the individual
  4. Advance high standards of professional conduct by conducting educational and professional meetings and conferences
  5. Inform and educate the general public and the mental health community about the play therapy profession
  6. Establish contacts with various organizations for support and educational pursuits
  7. Advocate for the rights of children, their families and significant others

  8. Our History

    The Arkansas Association for Play Therapy is a state branch of the Association for Play Therapy, an international organization whose mission is to advance the psychosocial development and mental health of people through play and play therapy by promoting:

    1. The understanding of play and play therapy
    2. The effective practice of play therapy through training, research, and support
    3. The recognition, incorporation, and preservation of diversity in play and play therapy
    4. The development and maintenance of a strong professional organization to accomplish these ogjectives