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Association for Play Therapy

Since ArAPT is a branch of the larger Association for Play Therapy, membership in ArAPT requires membership in our parent organization as well. The costs of ArAPT branch members are as follows:

Professional: An individual mental health professional with at least a Master’s mental health degree who resides within the United States and is a member of both APT and ArAPT.

Professional Dues: $95 ($80 to APT + $15 to ArAPT)

Affiliate: A full-time student, parent, or other individual non-mental health professional who is a member of both APT and ArAPT. A retired and inactive mental health professional residing may choose to either remain a Professional member or become an Affiliate member.

Affiliate Dues: $50 ($45 to APT + $5 to ArAPT)

Benefits of a membership:

Member benefits might be summarized as follows: