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Please complete the following information if you are interested in proposing a play therapy training to be sponsored by the Arkansas Association for Play Therapy. If you have any questions, please email us at

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Please note the highest mental health degree earned and mental health licenses and credentials for each presenter (e.g., M.S., Ph.D., LCSW, LPC, LMFT). Presenters are required to have earned at least a master's mental health degree.
Which of the following play therapy credentials does the primary presenter hold?
Please provide support for your expertise in the program content you are proposing to present.
Title must be 15 words or less and contain the phrase "play therapy" or "play therapists"
Please provide a summary description of the content of your presentation (250 words or less). Your description must reference 3-5 sources that support the need for and validity of the presentation content (at least 3 of the sources must have been published within the past 5 years in contemporary, peer-reviewed, scientific literature; no more than one may be your own),
Please list the complete references for the 3-5 sources noted in the above description.
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Please select the primary play therapy theory/approach for this presentation
Please note how many instructional hours (in one hour increments) you are proposing for this presentation (not including breaks)
Presentations 3 hours or less must have at least 3 learning objectives. For every additional hour of training, another learning objective must be created. "Play therapy" therapy must be in a majority of the learning objectives. For guidance on how to write learning objectives, please visit:
Please describe the instructional methods that will be utilized in this presentation and the anticipated time that will be allotted to each component.
Therapeutic Powers of Play *
Which of the following therapeutic powers of play (Schaefer & Drewes, 2014) are most closely supported by the content of this presentation?
How are the therapeutic powers of play selected above addressed in this presentation?
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Which professional ethical code(s) will the presenter(s)/presentation abide by?
What professional ethical standards and/or Play Therapy Best Practices (APT, 2016) will this presentation address?
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